God, the I AM, is, was, and always will be.

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God, the I AM, has as many Names as He has virtues.

His virtues were not created by Him, for He is uncreated. His virtues together comprise the essence of His Being.

These virtues have existed within Him since before He created Time - since before He created the heavens and the earth, since before He created Man and all other living beings.

Among these His virtues are His Infinite Majesty, Splendor, Power, Ability - His Glory.

The essence of Who He is proves His nature and character.

Yet more virtues which have existed within Him as the essence of His Being: His Goodness, Loving-Kindness, Mercy, Grace, Compassion, Wisdom.

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Encompassing all His other virtues is Love.

Just as God, the I AM, is, was, and always will be, God’s Love for you is, was, and always will be.

This is eternal Truth.

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Centuries ago, Moses wanted to experience I AM’s power, so he asked to see I AM’s glory.

Moses wanted to know I AM by seeing what He could do.

Knowing that relationship is greater than power, I AM responded to Moses, not by demonstrating the thunder of His glory, but by revealing the infinite height, depth, and width of His goodness.

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Today, God, the I AM, wants you to know that He doesn’t love you based on how good you are or how well you “perform.”

He chose you, individually, as His child before the foundations of the earth.

It’s His eternal Truth that nothing you can do can “earn” more love from Him.

He loves you not for what you can do ― but for who you are ― and Who He is.

Because you are made in His image, He is pleased as He sees His virtues reflected in you.

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The Bible identifies God, the I AM, by the name “Father” well over 300 times. In fact, Jesus, the perfect representative of the nature and character of God, emphasized, “The Father Himself tenderly loves you.”

He knows you better than you know yourself, and God, Who names Himself your Father, tenderly loves you.

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Today, I AM wants you to know Him, for Who He is, by yet another Name ― Father.

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The sum total of His abilities, as He lavishes you with His love and care,

The entirety of His love and mercy, as He invites you to draw near to Him,

is absolutely based on His desire to relate eternally with you as your Father.

Positioning Himself as your Father was His desire, His choice.

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As your all-powerful Father, the virtues encompassed by His glory ― His majesty, His splendor, His vast ability to provide for you and care for you ― showcase His Fatherly abilities towards you.

As your ever-loving Father, the virtues undergirded by His goodness ― His tenderness, kindness, and His generosity demonstrated through His care for you ― demonstrate His Fatherly heart towards you.

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Because God, the I AM , has as many Names as He has virtues, some of His Names are:

God invites you to know Him now for Who He is as your loving Father.